What is Green Construction?

A green or sustainable building is defined as a structure that is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient manner. This includes using sustainable building materials, designing the building shape and orientation with care, and installing energy and water conserving fixtures. The ultimate goal of green construction is to create buildings that improve occupant health, increase employee productivity, use resources more efficiently, and overall reduce the structure’s negative impact on the environment, Major League Builders, Inc. can help you create a green building that will result in reduced energy costs and help to better the environment.

As of January 2011, California's building standards will require that all new buildings reduce water consumption, employ building commissioning to increase system efficiencies, divert construction waste from landfills, and install low pollutant-emitting finish materials. These provisions establish the minimum of green construction practices and will incorporate environmentally responsible buildings into the everyday fabric of California communities.

Major League Builders, Inc. are working hard to achieve goals of our customers on green projects, Standard features of green practices that we use on a houses that want to achieve green points for environmental design and construction :

- Recycle 95% of construction debris and waste.

- Using Forest Stewardship Certified lumber for framing, at least 40% of our lumber comes from the tree farm.

- Radiant barrier for exterior sheathing, that decreases heat losses at winter and heat penetration at summer   time and Use of only low-emitting insulation.

- Use of high efficiency appliances, such as furnaces, water heaters, gas fireplaces and stoves.

- Ventilation system. That scientifically reduce use of air conditioner.

- Low voltage lighting, LED lighting, smart house controls.

- Use of low-VOC interior finishes, such as paint, caulking, silicones, adhesives.

- Use of interior materials with reduced formaldehyde for better air quality.

- Solar water heating and electric panels.